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Ask Me Anything with Dr. Lazar - COVID Shot Edition (REPLAY)

Presented by
Jonathan Lazar

Ask Me Anything

Is The COVID Shot Safe?

Hear answers from real research

I don’t want to get the shot but I’m being told I have to. What can I do?

Hear proven workarounds for not being forced to have experimental medical procedures.

I’ve already had the shot. Can my symptoms be related to that?

Learn what Dr. Lazar has seen in his own clinical practice.

I’ve had one shot and experienced reactions. I don’t want to get my second shot. Am I putting myself at higher risk?

Learn things you can do to minimize your risks without experimental drugs.

My doctor says there’s no connection between what I’m experiencing and the shots I got but I think there is. How can I know?

Here what the censored research is saying.

I’m not against the shots, but I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?

Let Dr. Lazar answer your questions and provide free guidance.


About Dr. Lazar

Dr. Lazar is a clinic director in private chiropractic practice. He also teaches other students and doctors, co-hosts a radio show and podcast (“Your Weekly Checkup”), and has written a book, Live Life Well: Unlocking the Secrets to Living Your Best Life.

He guest lectures at Palmer College of Chiropractic, University of Michigan, Ford Motor Company, University of Michigan Health System, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, and at International Professional Conferences.